Episode 41: I Know All The Songs

Sheely, Stokes, and Wrather discuss the Regionals episode of Glee.

These Fucking Teenagers PodcastRyan Sheely, Jordan Stokes, and Matthew Wrather discuss the “Regionals” episode of Glee, including forays into originality, Theodor Adorno, Harold Bloom, noise rock, and the differences between Depeche Mode and Pearl Jam.

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8 Comments on “Episode 41: I Know All The Songs”

  1. Amanda #

    great podcast ;) I just noticed it’s been getting further away from social science and deeper into music, I really love music too, I’m just missing sociology a little…


  2. Sheely #

    Don’t worry, you’ll get your social science! I thought this episode of Glee especially merited an in-depth discussion of some of the social aspects of music, and that is definitely Jordan’s area of expertise.


  3. Rainicorn #

    Have not listened to this podcast yet, but judging from the title you picked up on something that bothered me – how Kurt knew that they were doing original songs. I’ll be honest, back when Burt & Carol got married I wondered if that was the original song episode because I’d never heard any of the songs before.


  4. Sheely #

    @Rainicorn- You got it, that’s exactly where the title came from, although I was rooting for “Bon Jovi Deli Slam” to be the title, for reasons that will become apparent once you listen.

    The Burt and Carol wedding episode had not one but two songs by Bruno Mars – “Marry You” and “The Way You Are” and you definitely aren’t missing much by not knowing the original versions…


  5. cat #

    I’m still waiting for the discussion on female identity and female empowerment that both shows seem to be working on with the characters of Rachel and Blair. I figure if I keep discussing it in my emails, eventually it’ll come up on the podcast. That or I’ll convert my theories into an article.


  6. Amanda #

    Also, what Matt was saying, about the money lying in the hands of the people who want to sell us KE dollar sign HA, and about schools doing the same plays over and over again (there’s actually a TV show – not sure if it was Gilmore Girls or Frasier – that commented on how some of those are so ridiculously out of place as a school production by having 4th graders re-enact Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Not sure if they showed it or just mentioned it though, but I never forgot it!) have you guys seen Charlie Bartlett? Cause they fight to put up an original play written by a student in the movie. It has songs too, though not original, but it really would be nice to see more of that and less of 14 year olds doing Death of a Salesman.


  7. Amanda #

    Also (nr 3 now haha) re:same subject as last “also”, Amanda Palmer and Steven Bogart, her high school drama teacher. She wrote some wonderful blogs about how they would put up plays created by individual students and about how that was the first time someone had told her “go ahead, make your art, we wanna see it” I’m totally paraphrasing, and badly at that, but seriously, I don’t know, having been in the theater group of my school for over 4 years and having created plays with them out of scratch, by having general ideas and creating specific scenes out of improvising the shit out of those ideas it felt true to me. Google both their names, or go to her blog and find them, they’re worth it, to me at least.


  8. Charlie X #

    Is not Wrather’s call for original songs from the show choirs of America a tacit acceptance of Taylor Swift?


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