Open Thread for December 17, 2010

Golden Globe nominations, rappers entering and leaving prison, and the first winner of our 2010 T-shirt giveaway!

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The Golden Globe Nominations, often taken as a road map to the Oscars, have been announced. Black Swan, The Fighter and The Social Network led the Best Drama field, while Red somehow got a nomination for Best Comedy. Bryan Cranston got a Best Television Actor nom for Breaking Bad, but the show itself got nothing.

Lil Wayne’s first single from Tha Carter IV, ” 6’7″ “, leaked online. Produced by Bangladesh – the artist, not the impoverished nation – it contains Weezy’s usual blend of clever but incomprehensible rhymes and solid bass beats.

Just as Lil Wayne exits prison, DMX enters, having failed a mere five drug tests while on probation and getting a one-year bid. Here’s hoping they don’t make him lose his mind up in there.

Movies opening: Tron Legacy (have we mentioned them?) and Yogi Bear. Enjoy this “alternate ending” to the latter, an homage to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

And last! The moment about twenty of you have been waiting for – the winner of the first Overthinking Tw(it) Giveaway. All glory and honor goes to Timothy Swann for the following Tweet:

Guess I’m biased that my favourite @OverthinkingIt post is – eh? #otis (It’s really ) #starwars

A little bias never hurt anyone – you just won a free Overthinking It T-shirt of your choosing! E-mail us at editor @ with your preferred shirt, size and shipping address.

Still want a shirt? Don’t worry – this contest continues throughout the month! All prior entries are erased, and a bold new future springs forth today! The rules are the same: Tweet a link to your favorite Overthinking It post of 2010, addressed to us (@overthinkingit) and with the hashtag #otis. If you already Tweeted us over the last two weeks – you can enter again! We don’t care! Pick the same article, or a different one, or poll a friend for their favorite. Just Tweet your favorite and check in on December 31st for the second and final winner of the year.

If Lil Wayne won a free Overthinking It T-shirt, which one would he pick? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … Open Thread.

4 Comments on “Open Thread for December 17, 2010”

  1. Gab #

    I just saw Tron: Legacy. Kevin Flinn is God and Plato at the same time.

    Alas, I never watched The Walking Dead (which is kind of messed up, frankly, given my interests), but I’m kind of excited that it was nominated for best drama series. Still, does anybody actually think the elite are ready to let horror, let alone zombie, win in a Best ___ category yet? It would definitely be a dark horse of a victory, imo. So if not that, I’d like to see The Good Wife win.


  2. Timothy J Swann #

    Winning a t-shirt and being mentioned so complimentarily on the podcast made for some nice Christmas bonuses! Thanks!


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      Of course, we’re hoping that you will share a photograph of yourself sporting you new OTI-wear with the rest of the site.


      • Timothy J Swann #

        Trust me, uploading a picture to the internet is basically what I do whenever I get a new t-shirt.


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