Open Thread for September 17, 2010

Jay-Z and Eminem’s Yankee Stadium concert, David Foster Wallace’s posthumous novel, the Toronto Independent Film Festival and the rest of this week.

Happy Yom Kippur, Overthinkers! Go atone for putting money in the Wayans Brothers’ pockets.

In music news, Jay-Z and Eminem rocked an epic concert at the new Yankee Stadium this week. Special guests included Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Beyonce. The sound was so real, Derek Jeter had to fake getting hit by a pitch the next day just to bring balance to the Yankees.

(For Eminem and Jay-Z to play a concert in the Bronx, dienu)


You respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter.

If you look down your nose at rap, then snort this up instead: Little, Brown has announced a publication date for David Foster Wallace’s unfinished novel. DFW’s widow Karen Green designed the cover. To be honest, Green could have claimed DFW finished the novel and no one would have noticed (… too soon?).

(For David Foster Wallace to release another novel, even after his death, dienu)


Clocking in at a mere thousand pages.

If liking David Foster Wallace isn’t indie enough for you, then catch the 35th Toronto Independent Film Festival, which will end this Sunday. Noted game designer Robin D. Laws has been faithfully reviewing a broad swath of films. Some gems we might look forward to in wider release include The Last Circus (“Carnival love triangle escalates into epic struggle between insane, disfigured clowns”), Super (dark comedy in the Kick-Ass vein, only sticking with its premise throughout and not turning into an ACTUAL superhero movie 2/3 through), and Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Werner Herzog shooting the Chauvet cave paintings).

(For Werner Herzog to release a new documentary, dienu)

What are you seeking teshuva for this weekend? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … Open Thread.

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  1. Darin #

    Jeter’s acting was phenomenal; the soccer guys should take notice.

    Speaking of acting, any bets or thoughts on which TV shows will come out flat or come out strong on this season premier. Any new shows or 2nd seasons that might make a big splash.?

    Speaking of betting, I stopped watching M. Nigh movies after Sixth Sense. Everyone thought it was great and I figured it out very early only because everyone said there was a twist. Devil is coming out and I still enjoying making my bet without putting any skin (read 25$ for a movie night) in the game. My bet – The Devil is young woman’s womb and the old lady who dies doesn’t actually count as one of the 5, the new born baby does.


    • Jon Eric #

      Over at my own blog, I’ve got a list of the shows I’ll be checking out and/or plan on following. I feel like it’s kind of an idiosyncratic season. Nothing looks like an obvious standout (except for the HBO show; quelle surprise), but there are a few shows that might still come out swinging and surprise us. I’m mildly excited about several things, but not falling over my chair about any particular one of them.

      The summary of my bets on the highlights:
      Boardwalk Empire
      My Generation
      Raising Hope

      Possible dark horses:
      Lone Star

      Definite write-offs:
      Shit My Dad Says
      Blue Bloods
      probably some others I didn’t even think to mention


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