Episode 115: Danger Has a Two-Year Contract

The Overthinkers tackle listener feedback with special guest Randal Schwartz.

Matthew Wrather hosts with Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and special guest Randal Schwartz (fresh from Dragon*Con) to answer listener feedback (much of it about Inception).


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7 Comments on “Episode 115: Danger Has a Two-Year Contract”

  1. Wade #

    @Fenzel, on Lady Gaga:

    I’ve always contended that the Bad Romance video is some kind of bizarre dance interpretation the Alien movies. You’ve got the space pods, “monsters” without eyes (xenomorphs don’t have eyes, do they?), Gaga in that one outfit that kinda resembles the Alien Queen, etc. Lots of micro-vignettes that bear a passing resemblance to iconic moments from the Alien franchise which also follow a vague feminist reading of the series. The comparison really doesn’t hold up in regards to Alien: Resurrection, but then who in their right mind would do an interpretive anything about Alien: Resurrection? I have no idea if that’s an oft-suggested reading of that video or not, but that’s the way I’ve always seen it.

    Just a thought.


  2. Chris #

    Yes, the “What does a yellow light mean?” joke was used in Taxi, when Reverend Jim Ignatowski (or something along those lines) played by Christopher Lloyd was taking his driving test. It is one of the handful of things I remember from watching that show. I’m also pretty sure Reverend Jim had a big wall of TVs one time and a horse in his apartment. Or something like that.

    Also, the show needs more ridiculous drunk voicemails.


    • lee OTI Staff #

      You know what to do, listeners.

      1) Reach the age of 21 (if you’re in the US)
      2) Purchase alcohol
      3) Drink
      4) Call 203-285-6401
      5) Do one of the following:
      a) Recite an entire passage of middle English poetry
      b) Go on a rant about Terminator Salvation
      c) Talk about how it was really great when we were together and
      apologize for some mistakes you may or may not have made
      d) Or just say, “NEEEEEERRRRDDDDDS!”


      • Shawn Pitre #

        Ah Man, I seem to be stuck in a recursive loop at 3….

        As an aside, I nearly tittered when Randal’s name was dropped on The Lab with Leo Laporte, a tech support TV show that was on Canadian TV until 2008, but is on perpetual reruns now. I don’t know much about new fangled programming languages the kids use these days. When I started University, I started learning Modula-2 and Cobol. The next year, they started teaching Java. Talk about Burned. (Insert story about writing code on graph paper akin to walking in snow uphill both ways). It made me want to get some more knowledge in protecting my network and my computer.


  3. cat #

    Almost fell down twice today listening to this episode while walking down the street. Instead, I struggled to stifle my laughter and ignored the looks of people who surely thought I was unstable.

    I didn’t mean that was necessarily what the film was trying to say but that my interpretation was one way of reading it and what I got out of a film that I think asks for interpretations.


  4. Jeremy #

    Well, it’s always nice to hear your own insane ramblings on the Internet. It makes those electronic ones and zeroes more legitimate, you know? And I always appreciate a classic slow clap.


  5. Squin #

    Oh jeez, I forgot all about that.

    That was a fun night, sorry I couldn’t remember my Lat/Long in that state of mind.


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