Episode 26: Boom Box

Stokes and Wrather consider “Sketch”, Skins series 2 episode 2, focusing on stalking, sexuality, the musical, and themselves.

Jordan Stokes and Matthew Wrather consider Sketch, episode 2 of Skins series 2, focusing on Sketch’s pursuit of Maxxie, the horror of female sexuality, and the many meanings of the musical and ending with a long stretch of navel-gazing.

There will be no spoiler warnings and there will be many naughty words. If either of those things bothers you, don’t click!

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Delmore Schwartz, “The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me

Milton, Areopagitica

Stanley Fish, There’s No Such Thing As Free Speech: And It’s a Good Thing, Too and Is There a Text in This Class? The Authority of Interpretive Communities

Aqualung, “Good Times Gonna Come

An example of Post Rock

Christopher Guest, dir., Waiting for Guffman

“A Streetcar Named Marge” [IMDb] [wiki] from The Simpsons – The Complete Fourth Season

6 Comments on “Episode 26: Boom Box”

  1. Chatworth Osborne Jr. #



  2. Chatworth Osborne Jr. #

    Also, vocab lesson appreciated, but am I correct in assuming that ‘extra-social’ would mean outside of socially accepted boundaries (similar to how ‘extra-legal’ speed is a euphemism for ‘illegal’)?


  3. Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

    I mean, I haven’t heard that term a lot, but if someone said that something was extra-social I’d take it to mean not that it was transgressive but that it was done in a context other than the social.


  4. Ryan #

    Interesting thought that you walked right to the precipice of without actually mentioning: Anwar mentions that he never gets to “About a Boy.” The title “Boy” (Marcus) was played by Tony Stonem himself, Nicholas Hoult. I loved that this bit of “About a Boy” fan service suggested that Anwar aspires to Tony’s level of sexual prowess.


  5. Timothy J Swann #

    Stephen Fry. His physical resemblence to Wilde is incredible – they could be the same person, if Wilde somehow, say, didn’t age… but I can’t imagine the device by which that would happen. [/referential humour]

    Also, I would consider sketchy an adjective equivalent to your ‘crummy’, not up to much, a bit cheap and shoddy etc. I haven’t heard it used to mean creepy esp. sexually, though there may be regional variations.[/Britishness]


  6. Timothy J Swann #

    This week’s Guardian Guide has an interesting user comment in response to the announcement of the Skins series 5 cast: ‘This is SO unfair, they’re all ugly!!’

    Clearly shows like Gossip Girl are corrupting the audience but not the producers in terms of the portrayal of appearance. Might mean interesting things for the show (though I guess we won’t hear about it until two summers hence?)


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