Open Thread for October 9, 2009

I’m a loser.

You know what sucks? In graduate school, they actually make you work. It is unlike college in that respect. I’ve barely seen a TV show or Movie since August. (Except Gossip Girl and Glee.)

Fill me in on what I’m missing. It’s the open thread.

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  1. Gab #

    An observation about casting: _Flash Forward_ has a lot of _Lost_ cast members in its lineup (at least three so far, from what I can tell from previews), but that’s understandable, since the two shows are on the same network. But it seems as though ABC has sort of adopted most of the cast of _Firefly_: Nathan Fillion has _Castle_ (I still recommend it) and was on _Lost_ and _Desperate Housewives_, Morena Baccarin is in _V_ (which I shall at least give a try- looks like a very in-depth version of the _To Serve Man_ episode of _The Twilight Zone_), and Gina Torres is on _Flash Forward_. Yet as far as I’m aware, Joss and the rest of the non-actors involved with _Firefly_ aren’t involved in any of THESE, but isntead with _Dollhouse_, a show on FOX. I can’t really theorize except to sum it up to coincidence, but the doubter in me says there *are* no coincidences in Hollywood. Not to suggest these actors aren’t good or don’t deserve more jobs, but I just can’t help but wonder why/how ABC got so many of the actors while FOX got the main creative force behind _Firefly_.

    And I also feel compelled to mention that in my futile search for finding a better source about the _Firefly_-_FlashForward_ connection, I was reminded that Jewel Staite from _Firefly_ was in a show in the mid-nineties called _Flash Forward_. I loved that one.


  2. Megan from Lombard #

    really? ’cause I’m a junior in college right now and swamped with schoolwork. That might have to do with the fact that I’m taking six courses (two are worth .25 credits though) that demand a lot of time away from popular culture and it’s coming up on midterm.

    @Gab: I remember that show! (I just dated myself didn’t I?) she was actually pretty good in it as in ‘Firefly’ but I didn’t really like her in the last show she was on, her character just pissed me off…although that could be because she was replacing a character I really liked.

    As for the actors vs. creators I think that it’s mainly ‘who’s available when’ type of thing, and I am happy to see Alexis Denisof (Wesley from Buffy/Angel) in Dollhouse although hearing him without a British accent is throwing me off a little.


  3. Katie #

    Yeah, Grad school is totally eating all my time. Ugh! I count on you to do my pop-culture overthinking while I’m overthinking the possible gender of abstract neolithic pottery patterns and stuff.


  4. HBomb #

    If grad school is making you miss TV, you are obviously not doing grad school right. Don’t make the creators of DVR die in vain. If law students can be up to date on pop culture, you certainly have no excuse, get your priorities in order!


  5. lee OTI Staff #

    So Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, which alot of people think was a bit premature. I was trying to think of the best pop culture analogy for this.

    “Obama winning the NPP is like…

    …Lady Gaga winning a lifetime achievement award Grammy.”

    …Luke Skywalker beating Darth Vader on the first try, before he completed his Jedi training.”

    Any others?


  6. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    @Lee –

    Apoc: No one’s ever made the first jump.
    Mouse: I know, I know. But what if he does?
    Apoc: He won’t.


  7. mlawski OTI Staff #

    In other pop culture/political news, Hillary Clinton got involved in the Cory Booker-Conan O’Brien feud, saying, “As secretary of state, my job is to strengthen ties and improve relations, whether it be between nations around the world or between the mayor of a midsized American city and the host of a mildly amusing late-night talk show.” She then went on to say, “Let’s just chalk it up to Conan’s head injury and be done with this whole mess.”

    And Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize?!


  8. Trevor #

    @Lee – Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is like the Jonas Brothers getting their own version of “Rock Band”

    @mlawski – Yes, people should watch Community.

    Jim and Pam finally tied the knot (twice, in fact). As much as you cringe when you realize a favorite show of yours is going down the toilet when the two romantic leads actually go through with the “business” as it were, “The Office” has managed to pull off the rare example of a TV hook-up that not only works, but doesn’t kill the show (of course, it helps that it’s more than just “The Jim and Pam show”).


  9. cushman #

    @gab Re: “V” — isn’t this a remake of the ’83 miniseries?

    A bunch of the Firefly folk provide voice work for Halo 3: ODST. Fillion is in all ur entertainments.


  10. Gab #

    @cushman: Yes. Which is one of the reasons I think it may have a chance of being really good. They’re going into it with a set plot arc, so the potential for series-killing “filler” episodes is a lot lower. This isn’t necessarily *because* it’s a remake, though, since I think this applies to any series.


  11. Lewis #

    From the podcast it seemed like more than a few of you live in LA. Do you guys ever get together at a bar or pub for an evening of overdrinking it?


  12. Trevor #

    @Gab: I fondly remember seeing “V” when it first aired, I must have been around three or four at the time which says a lot for my mother’s parenting skills at the time but I may have caught the follow-up and seen the original later in life. Either way, I imagine the lady giving birth to a lizard will look more “authentic” than the ’83 rubber lizard version (please tell me that someone gave birth to a lizard baby in that show, I need to trust my memory on that one).


  13. lee OTI Staff #

    @Lewis: just Wrather. The rest of us are concentrated in NYC and the greater Boston area. We’d definitely like to have an Overdrinking It event sometime, somewhere, though. One idea was to go to the theater, see an awful summer blockbuster movie, and proceed to rip it to shreds while drinking at a bar.


  14. Lewis #


    Too bad you can’t go back and time and do that to “Stealth”


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