Episode 59: Hippie is to Hipster as Woodstock is to Barack Obama

The Overthinkers tackle Woodstock, District 9, and Mad Men.

Mark Lee hosts with Peter Fenzel and Jordan Stokes to mark the 40th anniversary of Woodstock by recounting their own transcendent concert experiences and to speculate whether another Woodstock is possible. The panel also takes on “District 9,” aka “1 hour 45 minutes of apartheid allegory and exploring the human condition plus 30 minutes of ‘Tango and Cash.'” And lastly, the panel offers their new “Mad Men” season predictions (for the non-“Mad Men” watcher).

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3 Comments on “Episode 59: Hippie is to Hipster as Woodstock is to Barack Obama”

  1. Gab #

    I can’t help myself. Gotta clear the air about women’s suffrage. 14th Amendment= Equal Rights. You know, the whole end of slavery thing? Yeah, the rights going along with that (because 13 is what actually abolished slavery). Women’s suffrage= 19th Amendment. Quiz next week. No notes. ;p ::nerding out now:: One thing to overthink about this distinction is how the Fourteenth Amendment has been interpreted as of late to include naturalized citizens and women in accordance with today’s society, but how it was initially understood as applying to men alone. Also that black men were still considered citizens *over* women of *any* color until the Nineteenth finally was passed. BUT, that the Thirteenth, while it freed them from being the property of white men, sort of made black women the property of their husbands because of their second-class citizenship. This isn’t to say white women weren’t also like property at that point, but “freedom” from slavery was very different for a woman than a man. Kind of makes one (namely me) wonder if black women had to wait until the 19th Amendment to get those last 2/5 of their humanity in the eyes of the country, and how much white women counted for until then. 5/6? 2/3?

    ::end rant::

    May I make a request? Fenzel, you need to do impersonations every week. You just do. (I guess that sounds more like a demand…)

    Oh, and have y’all seen the trailer for “Raising Woodstock?”


  2. Gab #

    Oh, concert! Rufus Wainwright, House of Blues, at the Hard Rock Cafe, here in Vegas. I was close enough for some droplets of his sweat to land on my face when he gesticulated wildly with one of his arms at one point. And I think, somehow, I don’t KNOW how, he realized it, because as I scrunched my face a bit and wiped it off, I swear he winked right at me- the friend I was with even elbowed me and it was all she’d talk about on the way home, so I don’t think I was imagining it. After that moment, I was swept away.


  3. stokes OTI Staff #

    Oh heck, I misspoke. District 13 is not a Jean Pierre Jeunet movie, it’s a Luc Besson movie. There’s a huge difference. But it’s still awesome.


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