Episode 54: He’s a Rampaging Beast

The Overthinkers tackle mockumentaries, ultimate fighting, and the return to grace of Michael Phelps. Along the way, they boldly pioneer a new area of civil rights for blondes.

Matthew Wrather fends off blond discrimination from the panel—Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, John Perich, and Jordan Stokes—as they overthink mocumentaries, ultimate fighting, and the return to grace of Michael Phelps.

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3 Comments on “Episode 54: He’s a Rampaging Beast”

  1. Rob #

    Re: Mockumentaries, If you make a Wikipedia mockumentary (a great idea!), the film should be made freely available online and should be editable by registered users… Also, while it would be fun and funny to make fun of working for the local franchise of a global behemoth such as Borders/Starbucks, The Office has thoroughly mockumentarized corporate culture such that it might be tough to do something.

    Re: Brock Lesnar, I take issue with Fenzel’s characterization that he is not a good professional wrestler. If you define “professional wrestling” exclusively as the staged entertainment provided by WWE or formerly WCW, well, Brock Lesnar isn’t a good actor so he can’t play the part well. But if you consider “professional wrestling” to include “making money from a fighting style that at least resembles wrestling, whether in staged or non-staged events”, Brock Lesnar seems to be a pretty successful professional wrestler.


  2. fenzel #


    Brock Lesnar is a good professional wrestler the way Macauley Kulkin was a good “child actor,” not the way Emmanuel Lewis was a good “child actor.”

    Homonymnical, but not synonymical.


  3. Gab #

    Mockumentaries: Is Cold Stone on the East Coast? It’s a chain of ice cream shops where the workers must sing as they mix the toppings and stuff into the customers’ ice cream. Really, they have to sing.

    Or how about personal trainers? Confrontations about candy wrappers or diet cheating, divas, clients hitting on them, injury (“real” or faked), self-aggrandizement, infomercials… So much fodder.

    Classic blonde joke:

    After realizing the security button at the bank they were trying to rob had been pressed, the brunette, red-head, and blonde run out a side door and into an alley. As they hear the sirens getting closer, the brunette dives into a dumpster, the red-head into a large cardboard box, and the blonde into a huge, brown sack. When the police come to search the alley, one kicks the dumpster. “Meow,” the brunette says convincingly from the inside, so the police officer moves on and kicks the box. “Woof-woof!” barks the red-head in a very believable dog impression, so the police officer again moves on and kicks the sack. “Po…ta…to…” slowly says the blonde.


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