Open Thread for July 3, 2009

United we stand. Against the British. Happy 4th of July.

As we fire up the BBQ for what Fenzel, in his brilliant analysis of Independence Day, calls “this holiest of America’s fireworks-oriented days off from work,” we’re going to take a few days off from overthinking and instead focus on overeating. And glorifying war.

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So as we continue to mourn the loss of Michael Jackson (and the ladies begin to mourn the loss of Kevin Jonas to matrimony, amirite?) let us remember the true meaning of the holiday: Our true enemy is the British.

Oh, hey, anyone see Public Enemies?

15 Comments on “Open Thread for July 3, 2009”

  1. Amy #

    I had to ask myself.. “Kevin who?!” Commence Google search… “Oooooohhhh.” I am not a prepubescent tween with unlimited access to the Disney channel; I had no idea. Do they fall within your demographic wheelhouse? Expand your target audience to them, by including a segment on any one of the following; The Jonas Bros, Hannah Montana, and all things Robert Pattinson (which, I still have yet to see the appeal) They will be swooning more than they do over Zach and Cody (thank you Google!) LOL


  2. Trevor #

    Upon hearing the news that Kevin Jonas is engaged: “It’s as if a million teenage girls’ voices cried out, and then were suddenly silent.”

    This will be the first 4th where I’m actually quite proud of being an American, not despite who’s in the White House but because of who is. I like to remind myself, anytime my less than Obama-philic neighbors or family members (or Fox News) tries to take him down, that they can’t do anything about it for at least three more years.

    Speaking of that, one of the potential standard bearers for all that is wrong with this country resigned her post. I haven’t checked the news sites yet, but I’m guessing Sarah Palin was a bit miffed that this Michael Jackson fellow was eating up all her airtime, doncha know?


  3. Rob #

    Wait, Kevin Jones is engaged? And he told all the celebrity-news outlets before he told me? I have some phone calls to make…


  4. Gab #

    Yeah, I think she’s resigning either because some scandal was about to come up and this is her way of dealing with whomever is extorting her, or maybe she finally picked up on how low-functioning her boy is and is going to actually take care of him now. The kid has special needs, and he needs his *mother* for crying out loud. I say good riddance. Let her write her book next year, so what. The dumbs will buy it, but that’s their thing. She’s a celebrity, not a politician. Fah.

    Ok, done ranting.


  5. Ups and Downs #

    With so much information from organizations like Ups for Downs and NDSS it still frustrating to see such ill-informed comments regarding the “low-functioning” future of a baby with Downs Syndrome.

    National Down Syndrome Society

    Myth: People with Down syndrome are severely “retarded.”
    Truth: Most people with Down syndrome have IQs that fall in the mild to moderate range of intellectual disability (formerly known as “retardation”). Children with Down syndrome fully participate in public and private educational programs. Educators and researchers are still discovering the full educational potential of people with Down syndrome.

    Myth: Parents will not find community support in bringing up their child with Down syndrome.
    Truth: In almost every community of the United States there are parent support groups and other community organizations directly involved in providing services to families of individuals with Down syndrome.


  6. Gab #

    @Ups and Downs: While you’re 100% correct in everything you actually say (aside from the ad hominem insult, which I’ll let pass), you’re reading too much into and implying things about what *I* said. I never said he is “retarded.” A child (or anyone else) can be low-functioning and not have an intellectual disability or be diagnosed as mentally retarded (which is still done in school districts, by the way- but the proper use of “retarded” is a very different rant): they can be non-verbal, have experienced brain damage- I could go on. And I have lots of experience with Down syndrome and disability, in fact- I work in a special education classroom and have two intellectually disabled siblings, so I am fully aware of the plethora of Down (and other types of disability) support groups, and I know all of the myths (and plenty more) that you describe about Downs (and disability in general). The fact remains, however, that a child as low-functioning as he appears when he is discussed or presented (and how he is more often than not hidden away implies to me he is indeed very low-functioning) needs his parents, not just community members because, ultimately, his parents are the ones with him when he goes to bed at night- or at least that’s how it SHOULD be, and NOT the other people in, say, Dads for Downs (take your pick of a generic organization name). Not even their social worker (if they apply for one, which I’m certain the Palins would do). And let me say now, I am not suggesting I think her being present would “cure” him- there IS no cure for Down syndrome. But perhaps the people in that support system of hers are telling her it may be best if she stop inserting herself in the public limelight and took care of the son that needs her. Financially, they can afford it (unlike some families, where having either parent be a stay-at-home is nigh impossible, and to no fault of theirs), and for peace of mind for everybody, including the child, it seems more than best. Her daughter said (somewhere, I can’t remember) that she gets “stressed” over all of the media hype and attacks. Well, stop shouting stuff out and setting yourself up, then. And causing herself stress would do nothing to help her raise her children, disabled or not. And just because he can’t express himself doesn’t mean her son isn’t picking up on how unhappy his mom is- which would just make HIM more unhappy.

    I do apologize for seeming ignorant and I hope that, amidst all of the verbosity, you realize I am not; so I concede my wording should have been more careful. Thanks for reminding me about that.

    On a completely unrelated note, I was just sent a link to this lovely shirt I think most of the Overthinkers would highly approve of. I’m not saying order it, I’m saying look and laugh:


  7. Ups and Downs #

    @ Gab: Ad feminam? LOL. Apology accepted (aside from your Denial of Intent which I’ll let pass)
    … a hollow apology is worse than no apology at all. By Sharon Ellison

    Two siblings and a college course. So my implications of your ill-informed comments were flawed. Even though my assumption of why your comments where not correct, that doesn’t make the comments less insulting. In response you have tried to defend why you have just been misunderstood but the result was a voluble comment filled with insults that far exceeded the first. You don’t even see the insults. That is a sad reflection on our enlightened society.

    Ad hominem? My first comment, no. This comment? Maybe. LOL

    Mothers and working outside the house? Does a mother of a child with Downs have different societal expectations society?


  8. Trevor Seigler #

    My beef with Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her kids; it has more to do with the fact that she’s yet another in a long line of GOP-backed “personalities” who insult the intelligence of most Americans. Granted, not everyone in the “lower 48” is a Rhodes scholar, but most people are smart enough to see through her folksy “you betcha” demeanor and see that, on the whole, she has no business being in charge of anything on a national level (unless she’s a brilliant mastermind who’s manipulated the mainstream press into thinking she’s a dullard, thereby ensuring that the right-wing press embraces her as a game changer in their long decline from national power post-06 elections. If that’s the case, my hat is off to her).

    I don’t underestimate her appeal; she’s Reagan with Tits. Seriously, the way some people I know talk about her, it’s as if she’s the only thing standing between this country and total annihilation (she isn’t). Whether her resigining consigns her to the dustbin of history or is simply a calculated move to unencumber herself of the high-profile but time-consuming task of running a state while she’s trying to seek national office, she’s put herself back in the news cycle, albeit in a bizarre way. No one’s patting her on the back for leaving office with Alaska apparently suffering just as much as the rest of us due to the recession, and I take issue with her statement that she’d just be a “lame duck” governor (my understanding is that “lame duck” is only really applicable once your opponent has been elected in a general election but you still have some time left on your term, like a few months before the new governor is sworn in. I think I’m in the right on that one). There’s already talk in some GOP circles that she’s leaving the state up shit creek without a paddle, and I’m willing to bet that might come back to haunt her should she decide to try for ’12 (or a senate seat next year, a la Hillary).


  9. Gab #

    @Ups and Downs: It’s not a college course, it’s my career as of this point. And I was of course not saying mothers with children that have special needs have different societal expectations- again, you’re misreading and misconstruing what I am saying. So, judging from that and the rest of your response(s), we have very different perspectives and beliefs about disability- and, therefore, anything I try to say will not mean what I intend to you. That is unfortunate, since I too believe society is quite mis-/under-informed; but the only way for that to be changed is if the different “camps,” shall we say, can come together. For now, unfortunately, I feel we must agree to disagree on our views, and I therefore bow out respectfully.

    @Trevor: I don’t see her as being able to run for anything in the future if she’s leaving before her term is over. I get a cut-and-run feel, and that’s usually a sign that a “political” career is over. She is, indeed, very much like Reagan, but I think you’re also right in that enough people see through her. Although, admittedly, perhaps I’m just being overly optimistic because I see no good coming from her getting any kind of national office…


  10. Megan from Lombard #

    @Gab: I LOVE the shirt! :D

    also, does anyone get the feeling that the fireworks displays have gotten shorter over the years? When I was little I vaguely remember the fireworks in my hometown going on for what seemed like forever but now it seems like they’ve only started when it’s over. *have* they shorted the time frame or does it just seem that way because I’m more aware of time passing?


  11. Gab #

    @Megan: I think it could be a combination. It’s true, we’re more aware of time passing (outside a DeLorean or Tardis, muahaha) as we get older. But, on the same token, I also know some displays are indeed being shortened. The Las Vegas New Years Eve displays were shorter this year and announced as such, the reason being the economy (but I had been checking my watch the past couple years, and I’m sorry, dudes, but you aren’t fooling me, entire minutes were shaved off before the official announcement this year).


  12. sarielthrawn #

    The cynic in me says that Palin’s not stepping down for her kid.

    She’s lining herself up for federal politics. I doubt she’ll go quietly into the dark.


  13. Trevor #

    I’m not much of a tennis buff, but damn it all if the Roddick-Federer match wasn’t compelling TV. The only reason I cut out of it midway through the fifth round was because I needed to get a late lunch. And to make things even more awesome, “Road House” AND “Die Hard” came on TV last night (unless I’m mixing up my days and “Road House” came on Saturday night). Christmas in July, indeed…


  14. Gab #

    @Sarielthrawn: To quote an NPR interview I caught the end of, “You can’t lead by quitting. You don’t stay in by getting out.” I really don’t think she’s going to have much more of a political career.

    @Trevor: I watched the last forty minutes- whoa, talk about intense. Did you see when Roddick apologized to the guy Federer took the record from? Roddick was really classy, sort of a tragic hero. I hope he gets it soon, too.

    On a somewhat related note, I’ve thought for some time now that a movie about the guys that run back and forth to retrieve the balls would be hilarious. Or could be, at least.


  15. Megan from Lombard #

    @Gab: that sounds like a Will Ferrel sports!movie to me (lmao).

    and a few more thoughts on the length of fireworks; the towns might shorten time because of the weather. By me it had rained most of the day and even drizzeled that night so the ground/fuses might have been too wet to light and they had only a few that were good.


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