Episode 51: We Need a Woman on this Podcast

The Overthinkers tackle 2009 Summer Movies. (Part 2 in a series.)

Matthew Wrather hosts as he, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and John Perich overthink remaining Summer Movies for 2009. Also, Wrather shares the moving story of how his guinea pig died; all pledge to support our troops with a care package of pop culture goods; and the crew make enough off-color or borderline-misogynistic comments that all agree: We need a woman on this podcast.

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6 Comments on “Episode 51: We Need a Woman on this Podcast”

  1. Sylvia #

    The only thing that really upset the Harry Potter fandom (aside from the moved date) is that Warner Brothers didn’t upfront admit that it was a money decision. Warner Brothers said it would be better for the fans to see the 6th movie in July because then there would only be a year wait until the 7th movie. However, it was a total money decision.

    I think it’s cute that you guys think adding a woman to podcast will cut down off-color or borderline-misogynistic comments. Well, maybe from you guys. But then your comments are pretty tame compared to what a lot of women can come up with.

    …that’s not a challenge.


  2. Gab #

    _28 Days_ *is* great. Alan Tudyk is one of the members of a fantastic supporting cast.

    If I had Skype/a mic, you know I’d go for the Podcast spot. It’s probably better I don’t, though.

    _Night at the Museum 2_ was a fun family flick. I did see _Wolverine_ and felt much about it as I did about _T:S_- I knew it wasn’t all that great, but I wasn’t totally against it.

    My thoughts on the potential for _Public Enemies_ are on the most recent Open Thread. Lee, I posted it before hearing you make the comment about the two main actors, so yeah, you’re right- at least for (some of) my reasons. Oh, but the costumes and guns are actually another bit of appeal for me personally (and this makes me want to recommend an old comedy, _Johnny Dangerously_, to y’all.) I like period pieces in general, so I’m anxious to see a movie set at that time that DOESN’T somehow have Al Capone in it for a change. And another thing I didn’t mention on the Open Thread is it has Leelee Sobieski and Billy Crudup.

    Sylvia got it right about _Harry Potter_- it was supposed to come out right around _Twilight_, so the studio moved it to guarantee maximum box office returns. The scene from the third one you’re talking about, Wrather, was only in the movie, as far as I remember. I liked it, though.

    Yes, I do want to see _G.I. Joe_. It looks like total action fluff. I think another member of the cast is good for that Ben Kingsley Award, though: Dennis Quaid.

    The trailer for _Inglorious Bastards_ turns me off from it. I’m very much with Perich. I have brought up Weird Al in other discussions for the very same thing (“comebacks”), Fenzel, so I’m just going to assume you either a) hadn’t read those discussions or b) were so excited during the Podcast that you forgot to do your proper citations. Next time, I’ll have to take points off. And please, be sure to use Chicago style. ;p


  3. Sylvia #

    Dennis Quaid over Channing Tatum any day. Yes, he’s pretty, but I don’t understand why people keep telling me he’s talented. Am I missing something?


  4. Gab #

    I don’t find Tatum very appealing, either. I don’t even think he’s physically attractive- his neck is too thick in proportion to his skull size, to the point of distraction (I feel the same about Elijah Wood- plus that guy’s eyes make him look like a pedophile). I only saw him in _She’s the Man_ (yes, I saw it, and I’m sorry), and I didn’t get why Amanda Bynes was so gaga over him at all.


  5. sarielthrawn #

    If mlawski doesn’t want to pony up to the podcast then my vote Gab. As the most prolific commenter I think she would be well suited to the task.


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