Bedknobs, Broomsticks, and Terminators: James Cameron’s Inspiration?

Angela Lansbury = Skynet?

Unstoppable warriors made of metal. Bullets won’t harm them. Are they Terminators, or are they…

…the knights from Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

Could this be James Cameron’s inspiration for The Terminator? Not likely. Cameron himself cites two episodes of  The Outer Limits, “The Demon with the Glass Hand” and “Soldier,” as inspirations for the franchise, but it’s still fun to think…what if? And besides, pretty much any movie scene is made better by laying the Terminator theme music underneath it.

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7 Comments on “Bedknobs, Broomsticks, and Terminators: James Cameron’s Inspiration?”

  1. Eric #

    I love that scene from bedknobs and broomsticks. Why didn’t I make the connection…? Probably because the genres are so different. Very good overthinking


  2. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    Oh my, that’s good.


  3. Jason #

    Just as a side note: Apparently, the powerloader in Aliens, (first seen in Cameron’s ’78 short film Xenogenesis) was the inspiration for the Terminator character. One is a human with a mechanical exoskeleton, while the other is a machine with a human exoskeleton.

    Also, chitty chitty bang bang is blatantly an HK.


  4. Gab #

    Lee, are you going to post what you expect and hope to see in the upcoming movie before it comes out? Or are you at least going to post a reaction to it?


  5. lee OTI Staff #

    @Gab, the future is not set (there is no fate but what we make), but I think this is just the first of several Terminator-related pieces I’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

    Come with me if you want to Overthink.


  6. Gab #

    (Okay, I seriously fangirl “squee”-d just now.)

    Alas, since Sarah doesn’t actually speak after that line, I can’t really conjure up a witty comeback.


  7. Gab #

    At 5:20, there is a “preview” of the _Terminator: Salvation_ video game. I use the term “preview” quite loosely, but there *is* a brief explanation by a VP of development from the company making it, as well as a couple sweet-looking in-play shots.


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