Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Supplement 1

A very special podcast episode.

In a special supplement to the podcast, Mark Lee and Matthew Wrather overthink Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2, missed opportunities in plotting, the difference between movie and TV storytelling, and predictions for the season (series?) finale.

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2 Comments on “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Supplement 1”

  1. Jonathan #

    Without listening to the podcast first, here are my predictions, and both would tell us whether we can look forward to a third season or not (I predict….)

    Either way, I see the final episode being about John and Cameron trying to rescue Sarah. Now, depending on what happens to Sarah, that’s what I believe will happen to Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    #1 – If Sarah is successfully rescued, then that means the makers of the show know they have a good chance at getting a third season greenlit.
    #2 – If Sarah Connor dies, then its the last episode ever!


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