NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Convention Photo Gallery

NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Convention Photo Gallery

See what it’s like to drink from the fire hose of popular culture.

Did I mention that the scale of Comic-Con absolutely boggles the mind? It boggles the mind. The main convention space is gargantuan. The theater where the screenings are held is enormous. Beyond that, there are rows and rows of conference rooms for panels and other events. There is visual stimulus everywhere.

I hope these pictures convey some sense of what it was like to drink from this fire hose of popular culture.

And that’s even without the costumes. I’m saving that for the next photo gallery.

5 Comments on “NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Convention Photo Gallery”

  1. Carsten #

    Did you guys visit the Penny Arcade booth? Because I think you’d find those two gentlemen are right up your alley.


  2. mlawski OTI Staff #

    I did visit Gabe and Tycho. They looked very tired, which I can understand. Comiccon was kind of overwhelming.


  3. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    Yeah, I heart those guys. So did you talk to them? Or just sort of look at them? Either way – awesome.


  4. mlawski OTI Staff #

    My friend, Adri, got them to autograph her Nintendo DS. They said, “Make sure you wipe your finger grease off first.” And I stupidly blurted out something like, “Yes, you’re right, of course! My friends ARE particularly greasy! Seriously, though, I love your work.” Then they looked at me funny and said something like, “Well, have a moist day.” Then Adri jumped up and down with her DS and said “Yee!” And I said, “Damn it! I should have asked them to write a novel about the witchalok blades and the wolfoids! Curse me and my dumbness!” I would have gone back but by then there was a long line to see them.


  5. Carsten #

    I bet. I have friends who went to PAX–the crowd clamoring around them was massive, apparently.

    I mean, that’s probably an exception, considering PAX is a convention held BY them, but still.


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