NY Comic-Con, Day 1: Joker-Jedi Fights Zombies

NY Comic-Con, Day 1: Joker-Jedi Fights Zombies

It’s official: OverthinkingIt.com is at NY Comic-Con 2009!

It’s official: OverthinkingIt.com is at NY Comic-Con 2009!

nycomiccon-entranceWe’ll be posting our observations throughout the weekend, both on the site and on Twitter. Expect more pictures, video, and some out-of-character fanboy gushing, especially after the Watchmen and Terminator preview screenings on Saturday.

First, I should at least make an attempt to describe what the New York Comic-Con is all about, since I myself didn’t have a really good idea as to what to expect. For starters, the program’s cover lists four bullet points:

  • Comics
  • Anime
  • Gaming
  • Toys
  • Screenings (of movies that are at least tangentially related to the above)

Simply put, it’s a convention dedicated to all pop culture of the nerd variety. Grand Theft Auto, Ironman, Guitar Hero, Terminator, obscure graphic novelists, action figures of all kinds…I could go on and on. After the whole thing is over, we’ll try to put our collective heads together to come up with more Overthought descriptions and analysis, but for now, imagine bazillions of square feet of convention space with vendors, panels, and demo booths on all of the above. That’s pretty much the idea. I hope the picture above gives you a sense of scale. This thing is huge.

futurama-into-the-wild-green-yonderDay 1: Friday, February 6

Mlawksi and Wrather were lucky enough to catch a full screening of the new Futurama movie, “Into the Wild Green Yonder.” Two thumbs up on both accounts.

I, however, am a working stiff, and could only get out of the office in time to gawk at the massive exhibition hall for a few minutes before checking out a demonstration by New York Jedi, “The Light Saber Enthusiasts Collective.” Yes, it’s people fighting with light sabers, but with the added bonus of genre-crossing costumage:


It’s a Predator. With light sabers. Don’t you wish you were here?

joker-jediNext, it’s the Joker with a light saber. Again, don’t you wish you were here?

After the NY Jedi demonstration came the Green Light Anti-Zombie Squad’s Zombie Survival demonstration. Yes, they brought along a real life zombie:


At one point in their presentation, they called upon audience members to volunteer as a zombie fighting brigade. Who shows up to fight? You guessed it:the Jedi Joker.

joker-zombie-fighterPacking heat instead of a lightsaber now.

I can’t help but feel like I was witness to a profound post-modern cultural moment.

Coming up for Saturday:

Watchmen. Terminator. Oh yes.

David Gibbons. Oh yes.

McG. Oh….um, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

And much, much, more!

6 Comments on “NY Comic-Con, Day 1: Joker-Jedi Fights Zombies”

  1. Gab #

    You mean FIVE bullet points? ;)

    I’m insane with jealousy.


  2. Crystal #

    The Preda-Jedi is my cousin. Fortunately I’m no relation to the Joker-Jedi. For a slightly more surreal experience, check out some of the ones I took when 4 of the crew were at a family gathering, in costume. There’s nothing stranger than an epic light saber battle in your backyard.



  3. John Bejarano #

    Looks like a fascinating event. I can’t help wondering, though, where Triumph, the comic insult dog is when you need him.


  4. lee OTI Staff #

    @Crystal: I’d be curious to know what the Preda-Jedi’s motivation was to cross genres in that way. Just for kicks?

    @Gab: you’ll have to excuse me. My brain has been reduced to gelatin due to pop culture sensory overload.


  5. Brandon #

    (Yes, this is the Joker Sith)

    Fortunate enough not to be related to me? Hm. Okay, little presumptious and a bit rude, but it’s the internet… you can say whatever you want

    Anyway, Flynn loves Predator so, because we’re non-canon he made a predator jedi. Conversely, though I love Joker, I did a Joker Sith because I came to class one night and just started riffing Joker…. next thing you know.. doing a Joker character was basically suggested by the others.

    As for Triumph… who knows. Personally I’d love for him to show up.

    Though I have to say, I love the kind of blasse pose I have in the last picture.

    Anyway, I guess any press is good press… and it’s all i n good fun. So… if any of you are actually at the con tomorrow… stop by and say hi.


  6. Gab #

    Whoa, dude, you’ve got the actual celebrities checking your site out now! I think this speaks volumes about your popularity on teh interwebz.

    Rock on, Overthinkingit team.


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