Episode 31: Superbowl Minus Football

The Overthinkers tackle everything about the superbowl except, um, football.

The Overthinkers tackle everything about the superbowl except, um, football. Matthew Wrather hosts a panel including Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, and Mark Lee to overthink Superbowl commercials, the Bruce Springsteen halftime show, and why nobody ever made a Star Trek about a cargo ship.

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4 Comments on “Episode 31: Superbowl Minus Football”

  1. Gab #

    Kevin Costner isn’t as good of an actor as Alec Baldwin- the difference is Alec is *good* enough to pull off the comedian in a successful way (as Wrather says). Kevin has TRIED the comedy, and failed epically. _Robin Hood_ and _Dances With Wolves_ were great movies, but that had nothing to do with his acting- it was everything else going on in the movies. (And to me, Alec will always be Adam from _Beetle Juice_.

    I missed the second half (work, alas), but from what I saw, I was fond of the one for Cars.com where the kid “negotiates a later bed time” when he’s three, etc.

    My question: What was up with the f***ing 3D ads? I mean really, why the Hell would I go out and get 3D glasses to watch a goddamned commercial? I am now completely against seeing any of the stuff advertised in 3D.

    Oh, and here’s a recent ad for Geico I was reminded by when the discussion of Superbowl ads past came up- note the waiter’s accent.



  2. Topher #

    I found it interesting how the Overthinlers identified actors to specific roles.

    Samual L. Jackson once commented that film actors give a part of themselves when they portray a character. That their personal identity is lost and they are known and expected to be that character when they meet the public. (I’m paraphrasing. YouTube Sam Jackson at Bernie Mac’s funeral.)

    I’m curious how you guys will overthink this. Are movie actor’s sacrificing their identities? Isn’t being IDed as a character a good thing? Are they a bunch of whiny bitches?


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