Episode 28: A Message To Our Future Children And Employers

The Overthinkers™ tackle: Rock Band, karaoke, snitching, and Award Shows, and kick off Back to the Future week!

Mark Lee hosts a panel including Matthew Belinkie, Ryan Sheely, and Jordan Stokes to Overthink™:

  • Rock Band, Karaoke, and what to do when the N-Word comes up in the lyrics of a hip-hop song at karaoke
  • Stop Snitching vs. Keep Talking, from Baltimore to Baghdad
  • Award shows, and why they do and don’t matter
  • Back to the Future week kickoff

And once again, the Overthinkers present their pop culture picks for Overthink This:

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12 Comments on “Episode 28: A Message To Our Future Children And Employers”

  1. Gab #

    “Thug Life Code” reminds me of the “Code of the Brethren” from _Pirates_. Guidelines.

    If you *do* come up with awards, each one needs a long, overthought explanation as to why.

    Hey, don’t make fun of John Williams, he’s America’s Composer!

    Wow, I feel like young pickins’. Not to say y’all are old, but I wasn’t born when _Back to the Future_ first came out.

    _Princess Bride_ was definitely a movie I watched a lot when I was little, too. I watch it whenever it’s on cable and I happen to be channel surfing, too, even though I have it on DVD (a DVD which I pull out every so often, too). I would absolutely LOVE a _Princess Bride_ week. A post comparing the book to the movie would be cliche but still has the potential for greatness, Stokes…

    And no, Princess Diana was of noble blood, but not an actual princess until she married Charles; and her title was taken when they got divorced. Now, the crown she was given as a princess was a part of the decorations on her coffin at her funeral, but I theorize she was given this honor/privilege because of her status as a cultural icon and the pressure the royal family was under as a result of said status. Also, she was not technically a princess herself, but her sons, the heirs to the throne, are- which probably dumped more pressure on the royals.

    Interesting parallel, though: Diana’s life was somewhat like that of Keira Knightly’s character in _The Douchess_ in that both were thrust into a marriage of convenience for the sake of producing heirs. What sets them apart is how the marriages (dis)functioned differently after the (first) boy was finally born.


  2. lee OTI Staff #

    “_The Douchess_”

    I’d like to see THAT movie!! ;-)


  3. Gab #

    It should read “‘…heirs to the throne, are’ princes-” Leaving it as is makes it look like I’m saying they’re prinCESSes…

    _The Douchess_ was very well-acted and written, I think. I feel like it was sort of a sleeper hit, and I’m surprised Ralph was the only one acknowleged at the GGs. I’m sure that at least the costumes will get an Oscar nod, and hopefully cinematography- there were some pretty good shots in that movie, imo.

    Here’s one problem I have with the GGs- they lump series, mini-series, and made-for-TV-movies together a few times. Sort of like how Colbert and Stewart constantly lose Golden Globe wins to one-time specials. It just doesn’t make sense to me.


  4. Rob #

    As another example of the lexical phenomenon that Stokes described in the podcast, the OED in fact removed the female-specific noun “Douchess” in the mid-’90s. =)


  5. Gab #

    Rob: They did *what*? Why? How are the history books going to… But the British still USE that word, don’t they? Are both “duke” now? What next, get rid of “Queen”?


  6. Rob #

    Naw, Gab, the OED left “Duchess” in. Just not the other one.


  7. Rob #


  8. Rob #

    Arrgh, my HTML in the last comment didn’t show up. I meant to apologize by using a /jerk tag… =)


  9. Gab #

    Ok, I’m a gulli-calf.


  10. Johann #

    Excellent podcast episode!
    The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies, although I wasn’t exposed to it until 1996 when I spent a year in the U.S. (I guess it is even more of a niche movie here in Europe). So I would love to hear/read some Overthinking on that film!
    Belinkie’s critical question about Buttercup actually being a princess made me wonder: In Germany, the translated movie title is “Die Braut des Prinzen”, which means “The bride of the prince”. I always just thought how silly that was of whoever was responsible for this translation, changing the movie title so drasticly. But now it somehow makes more sense now, Buttercup being in fact the bride of Prince Humperdinck… maybe the translator was a true Overthinker!


  11. Julie #

    In the book “the Princess Bride” Buttercup is made a princess by the king and queen so that she’s able to marry the prince. she’s like the princess of a small country at the borders of Florin. It’s never mentioned in the movie though…


  12. Gab #

    I forgot that, Julie, you’re so right.


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