OTI on Holiday Hiatus

Happy Holidays and New Year from the writers on OTI! We’ll be on hiatus until 2009.

Happy Holdiays and New Year from all the writers on the site. (We all chipped in and got Belinkie a copy of The Wire.)

We’ll be on holiday hiatus until the new year, and doing a little technical housekeeping in the meantime. We’ll still be updating the Twitter feed and recording the podcast (iTunes link), but you won’t see a new post until 2009. Unless there’s a really good Gossip Girl or something.

See you on January 1!

2 Comments on “OTI on Holiday Hiatus”

  1. Gab #

    Happy holidays. Any chance Mlwaski will ever get in on the podcast action?


  2. fenzel #

    There’s always a chance.

    “Nobody’s tried this before.”

    “That’s why it’s going to work.”

    Merry Christmas, all!


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