Episode 25: Silver Podcast

The Overthinkers tackle hipsterism, earony, and Mike from LA.

Matthew Wrather hosts a panel including Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, Ryan Sheely, and special guest Rachel Dougnac, to overthink:

  • Mike from LA, his exact latitude and longitude
  • Hipsterism Eats Itself
  • Earony

As always, email us at podcast AT overthinkingit DOT com with your comments, or call 20-EAT-LOG-01 (that’s (203) 285-6401) to leave a voicemail.

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8 Comments on “Episode 25: Silver Podcast”

  1. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Fenzel: I do own a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt!

    @Mike from LA: You can also tell us where Sirius, Mars, and Venus are in the sky on any given date and we’ll triangulate your location.

    @Everyone: I also referred to her in the comment section of Fenzel’s original hipster article, but isn’t Joanna Newsom a Ren Faire hipster?

    @Fenzel: I was lying. I don’t really own a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt.


  2. Gab #

    1) I swear on everything: I asked about Shana joining the podcast BEFORE listening to this one. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    2) What’s with the hating on Ren Faire peeps? I was on the Ren Faire Committee at my college all four years, and we put on the biggest show in the region- people drove down all the way from Canada or up from So-Cal to come to ours. There were many levels and reasons for involvement- some because they loved pokey things, some because they liked planning events, some because they love the Renaissance Era, some because they loved Shakespeare… Varying types of nerdery, not just a desire to wear frilly shirts and sling Shakespearean insults (although, admittedly, there was a “Shakespearean Insult Generator” on the back of the official shirt my sophomore year.

    3) Rachel’s point about the “spectrum of hipsterism” and the one with a fascination about “poorness” is pretty good. I’d put in THIS category of hipsterism the actual NAMES of some of the designer labels, too, and more specifically the jeans: True Religion; 7 for All Mankind; People’s Liberation; Citizens of Humanity; Rock and Republic; Hippie; Revolution… All of these esoteric terms that (one would think) should have nothing to do with mainstream or rich people… It just REALLY bothers me. “People’s Liberation” and it charges $170 for a pair of jeans. Yeah, the “people” will really be able to flock and buy THAT for their uniforms right before they have their Communist revolution…

    4) Sheely (or whoever it was that made the analogy): THUMBS DOWN. That just hurt my soul. I’m a politics nerd, too, and no. Just no.



  3. sheely OTI Staff #

    Wait, which analogy?


  4. sheely OTI Staff #

    Oh…. the WJB:Populism::Obama:Hipsterism. For the record, that was Fenzel.


  5. Gab #

    Sheely: Sorry for mistaking you two. I’m bad enough with names when there is a voice AND face involved…

    Wrather: I get it. But still. Ouch. Even for you, man, even for you.


  6. Matthew Wrather #

    What do you mean even for me? Are you saying I’m dePUNdent on bad puns for all my jokes?



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