Dripping with American Pride

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5 Comments on “Dripping with American Pride”

  1. lee #

    First Joe Biden, then Joe Six Pack, now Joe the Plumber. Too many Joe’s in this race, which is clearly a sign that Anglo-Saxonism still dominates the political consciousness.

    Why don’t we hear about Sung Shin the Grocery Store Clerk?

    or Vijay the Taxi Driver?

    or Ari the Kosher Butcher?

    or Barack the Presid….

    …Never mind.


  2. fenzel #

    There are plenty of black, Latino and Asian guys and girls named Joe.

    How do you know that Joe Six Pack is white?

    And why does the Indian guy have to be a taxi driver? Why can’t he be a plumber? Are only white people allowed to be plumbers?

    Additionally, for the record, I highly doubt that the actual Joe the Plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher, is of Anglo-Saxon heritage.

    I know the people who use it don’t care, but as an Irish American, I find the term “Anglo” to refer to “American white people” quite offensive.

    How do you know that Joe isn’t short for Eun Jo, and that Joe Biden isn’t a female second-generation Korean American? Is it the hair plugs?



  3. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Yeah, remember Little Women? Amy, Meg, Beth, and Jo Six Pack March. Man, I loved that book.


  4. Gab #

    And the movie co-starred Christian Bale- ZING!

    I knew during the debate that “Joe the Plumber” was going to become somewhat of a meme. That was pretty fast.


  5. Minze #

    Wurzelbacher isn’t Anglo-Saxon, but it could be Saxon. One out of two ain’t bad.


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