Introducing Baby Seal

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  1. Gab #

    Now, this is a song with lyrics I never thought made much sense. I mean, granted, love songs often are filled with gobbly-goup, but why would he complain to a kiss from the rose that shines a light that hits the gloom on his grey? And what does the size of the eye matter for it to see the light that whomever shines? Why doesn’t that greying tower ever show up again? If being heavy is good, why not a dictionary made of lead? Well, what IF he should fall? And what the heck IS the grey?

    I think it has no meaning, for the most part, and it’s just a bunch of mish-mashed metaphors and similes that could be associated with love in some way, put together without much thought and while yes, some rhyme, no reason.

    But I still love the song. It’s purdy.


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