Episode 226: Hugh Grant: Beyond Thunderdome

The Overthinkers tackle Cloud Atlas.

Ben Adams, Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather overthink Cloud Atlas.

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Further Reading

Rejected Titles for this Episode

  • “How I Met Your Mother Of All Earthquakes”
  • “Hard R Umbrella Impalement Sequence”
  • “He’s on a ledge! That totally raises the stakes.”
  • “Tur-robot-ducken”
  • “Cable: Live at the Acropolis”
  • “Objectification Oriented Programming”
  • “import (holocaust);”
  • “A Good Teaching Moment from the Studios”
  • “Maybe Ryan Reynolds is Available for Green Lantern 2”
  • “Chekov’s Birthmark”
  • “Google German Ron Paul”