Episode 66: Nathan Doesn’t Die

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather welcome actual British person Tim Swann to discuss Misfits Series 1, Episodes 1-3.

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4 Comments on “Episode 66: Nathan Doesn’t Die”

  1. cat #

    Tim? You let Tim on before me? So insulted…

    • Timothy J Swann #

      But don’t I just sound too much like Kelly for them not to call me?

  2. Joseph FM #

    Finally, you guys are covering another show that doesn’t sound excruciating and stupefying to watch!

    I actually have a reason to listen to this podcast.

  3. JTStavrogin #

    Excellent, guys. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but kudos on the choice of show, Misfits is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen on TV in years.