Underthinking It: Top 10 Books of the Bible

Honorable Mention: Songs

Most Overrated: Revelation

10. Matthew

9. Genesis

8. Isaiah

7. Daniel

6. Exodus

5. Mark

4. Job

3. Psalms

2. Ecclesiastes

1. Samuel I

You’re welcome.

7 Comments on “Underthinking It: Top 10 Books of the Bible”

  1. Anthony Abatte #

    What a crap list. I don’t see Hunger Games or Harry Potter anywhere! (lol. Happy Underthinking It Day!)

  2. Pasteur #

    Bel and the Dragon.

  3. Haxxxorzz69 #

    Lol WTF?! U forgot Eziekiel 25:17! Dat one is da most awsome!

    • cat #

      Oh my God, trapped in a giggle fit. Must…claw…way…out…

  4. Monzenn #

    I personally dig the historical books more (Genesis, Exodus, some of Leviticus, and the string of books from Joshua to 1-2 Chronicles). I am fond of the Israelites’
    shenanegans and how the LORD punished them one minute, and then saved them the next.

    Most fascinating to me is Judges 19-21, where 11 of the 12 tribes of Israel decide to kill off all the women of the tribe of Benjamin, and then they fret that the Benjaminites will die. So they decide to kidnap women from another town. Very disturbing, yet very fascinating.

    (There is something to be said about comparing the 12 tribes of Israel with the 12 districts of Panem in the Hunger Games trilogy, but I digress.)

  5. ghostspce #

    I prefer revelations,its like the Hollywood blockbuster of the bunch.