Episode 60: Reasons not Rules

TFT PodcastSheely and Wrather return to Gossip Girl, address the possibility of change in the social order, and consider whether The Hunger Games is a TFT-worthy franchise.

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7 Comments on “Episode 60: Reasons not Rules”

  1. asadok #

    If you’re hungry for thorough worldbuilding I recommend the Mortal Engines books, wherein cities become roving bandits and teenagers attempt to be fucking with their social betters. Also Peter Jackson bought the rights a while ago so…

    • Timothy J Swann #

      I add my agreement to Mortal Engines, it’s my absolute favourite young adult series. The only book series where I cried at the end.

  2. Dale #

    Not sure if anyone else felt this way, but nearly every scene in the movie Hunger Games felt like a sexual metaphor. So in that sense it’s TFT worthy. I’m just starting to see this everywhere so I can’t really compare to other shows yet. But it’s probably the reason why the Capitol chooses teenagers, because then it makes the story an allegory for puberty.

  3. Sheely #

    @Dale- This is an interesting interpretation. I had a vague sense that this was going on as well. Do you have any specific examples of scenes that emphasized this theme? Did you also read the books? If so, did you see it in there as well, or is it specific to the movie?

    @asadok- You had me at roving bandits. I’ll add it to the queue. From the descriptions on Amazon and Wikipedia, these books sound fantastic and right up our alley. Will update if/when I start reading them!

    • Dale #

      When they have that opening ceremony and are on fire and it’s all awkward but then they aren’t so awkward near the end, and when Katniss is rubbing the salve on her leg wound for a long time, and when she’s cutting down the trackerjacker hive while trying not wake anyone. I haven’t read the books enough to really say if it matches.

  4. asadok #

    @Sheely Cool! I just started rereading the first book, it’s all fun and games, but punny. To be generous to the author, its main character begins the story naive and small minded, and the style reflects this. I also noticed a couple of references to the ‘foreign’, which seems a little redundant with a world of roving city-states.
    Basically its the ideal target for some fan-ethnography.