Open Thread for September 4, 2009

We're not even taking Labor Day off, that's how much we care.

We’re not even taking Labor Day off, that’s how much we care. (Well, I’m taking the week off and heading to Vegas. But the crew will keep the site going in my absence. If you notice a marked improvement in the quality of the site, that’s why.)

We’re sitting in a strange annual plateau in the pop culture landscape. Summer movies and TV have, by and large, wrapped up, and fall has not yet brought its cavalcade of new television and Oscar-bait. The Grammy deadline is past, so every big album that was likely to drop has dropped.

So how are you keeping yourselves entertained? What are you looking forward to? Glee? House in rehab? Hillary Duff on Gossip Girl? Downey as Sherlock Holmes? Putting the iPod on shuffle and laying in the sun for one final glorious weekend?

In honor of Labor Day, here’s a short video of Mike Rowe (of television’s Dirty Jobs), talking about the value of hard work and its unconscionable degradation in our popular entertainment.