Yes Grimace Can

My Friends,

Obviously, the presidential election is our focus right now. But there are other races going on too. Races that deserve our attention. I am, of course, referring to the current battle for the heart and soul of McDonaldland.

On one side is Mayor McCheese. For 37 years, he’s been our head of state (and what a tasty-looking head). But are we really better off now?

Then there’s Grimace, a young reformer full of pretty words. However, not everyone has been won over by his radical proposals:

Recently, the mayoral campaign has turned negative. Grimace has called attention to the numerous scandals plaguing McCheese’s administration:

McCheese has fought back by pointing to Grimace’s mysterious early years, and some of his controversial associates:

This election will doubtlessly determine the course of McDonaldland for years to come, and so I urge you all to take time out of your busy schedules and vote!

Together, we can ensure a brighter McFuture.

McThank you.

[Note: These four commercials were edited by me, with some writing and voiceover help from Mr. Stokes, Mr. Wrather, Mr. Fenzel, and Mr. Shechner. Thank you, gentlemen. Now go vote.]

4 Comments on “Yes Grimace Can”

  1. lee #

    Is that a Diebold designed electronic voting system? Vote early and vote often, citizens of McDonaldland!

  2. mlawski #

    The Legend of Grimace Island! Sweet.

    These videos are amazing, but I too wish they hadn’t gone so negative.

  3. Gab #

    Clearly the negativity of both sides is actually a subtle commentary by Belinkie on the evils of the entire fast food industry.