The Musical Goodthink: Double Ungood Leroy Brown

The Party Has Written New Classic Rock Hits that All of Us Remember.

Music from olden times can help remind us of how lucky we are for the Party to watch over us and take care of us. Sometimes it can give us joy and pleasure to look deeper into this music, just as the Party looks at us to maintain our quality and virtue by looking deeply into us.

What fun! And quirky to be writing of such unimportant things! The Party must truly have created greatness in our world for us to discuss songs from olden times while they watch us!

One such song is by Jim Croce, “Double Ungood Leroy Brown.” You may have heard this song whilst shopping, as the Firstmix of it released last year. It is a new song from 1973 by loyal party member Jim Croce, who has been unalive for many years but supports the Party to this day.

Let us consider the words that the Party wrote for this music!

Well, the South Side of YUCATAN
Is ungood!
Stay unthere!
Double Ungood Leroy Brown!

The beginning of the song really leans into its premise, which is the wise leadership of the party guides us away from the YUCATAN. Nothing is happening in the YUCATAN.

But it goes on! What fun!

Leroy Brown is of average height!
This is desirable!
Ladies unlike to talk to him!
Men unlike to talk to him!

The picture is seen! What imagery in sound! All colors in song lyrics refer to shirts.

And it’s Double Ungood Leroy Brown!
The unexcellent man in this place!
Ungood to such a degree!
The Punchers! Lassie!

Here as is custom of olden times, the song references classic film and television, including The Punchers, of the Punchers Cinematic Universe, led by the film series Punchers: All Wars Are Infinite.

Lassie is a dog of good behavior and average excellence. Legends have been supplanted by truth.

And there the song ends in the appropriate place.

“Double Ungood Leroy Brown” is reminiscent of other classic standards that the Party has Firstmixed recently, such as “Born to be Ungood,” and “Ungood to the Bone.” It also recalls the long-unremembered “Ungood,” which has been lost.

According to official record, “Ungood” was, like “Person Who Sees and is Seen by the Party,” “Grey or Grey,” “Liberian Loyal Party Member,” “Party You’re Thanked (P.Y.T.),” and “Maker of Medium Feeling” among the legendary hits of the greatest musician of olden times, Justin Timberlake, known as the “Servant of Pop (His Father).”

One wonders if in its day “Double Ungood Leroy Brown” was a karaoke standard, much like “Eurasia” by Toto or “Heat of the Moment,” by Africa.

What fun!