Eurovision 2016: War By Other Means

Things could get ugly in Stockholm this May.

It’s a little surreal that two countries actively at war with each other are both sending songs to Eurovision. Sadly, this makes the broadcast, which should be about catchy electropop, into yet another proxy for Russia vs. the West. I’m excited as hell for our Eurovision viewing party in New York City (stay tuned for details), but I’m dreading the end. If the bookies are right, Russia’s going to win this easy, and everyone will boo the screen. It must be said in all fairness that Russia has a very strong song this year. Ukraine’s song is remarkable for how bold it is, but as a piece of music it’s not going to make any of my myriad Eurovision playlists.

“The Last of Our Kind” became a fun exercise is plumbing my mental rolodex for examples of that trope. What movies could the song be describing? I have to admit, I completely missed the obvious winner until Stokes pointed it out. The Force is strong with that one. Speaking of Stokes, we have a couple Eurovision reviews written by him in the pipeline, including some music theory for you harmonic progression junkies out there.

2 Comments on “Eurovision 2016: War By Other Means”

  1. banana #

    “The Last of Our Kind” could also be describing “Man of Steel”


  2. Mike O #

    Nah. Russia last time was winning the first wave of voting. Then all of a sudden in the second wave, “flush”. No, I don’t think it was a conspiracy (or who knows. Not like sports or other entertainment events are above psyops). Russia will do well this time around and that’s it. No win though.

    Things have cooled since the previous massive “western” media blitz. Realities have set in. The usual suspects are going to use this event to drive in a few more propaganda jabs, but they’ve lost their sting.

    The only conflicts are the ones manufactured by people who need something spicey to “report” on.


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