Episode 131: Taylor Swift is the Greatest Rapper Alive

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Taylor Swift’s “1989.”

Matt and Ryan listen to and discuss Taylor Swift’s 1989.


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Title Short List

  • “New York Waits for No One”
  • “Swiftian Assumptions”
  • “Non-Generative Visionary”
  • “Brill Building Tumblr”
  • “Taylor Swift is in the Empire Business”
  • “Imperial State of Mind”
  • “Self-Creating Documentation”
  • “This Is Taylor Swift’s First Rap Album”
  • “Pop, Synthed”
  • “A Clash of Queens”
  • “Billboard Battlefields”
  • “Two Lordes Diverged in a Yellow Wood"
  • “Pop Conglomerates"
  • “Peak Heartbreak”
  • “Parsing the Synthpop”
  • “Taylor Swift Truther”

7 Comments on “Episode 131: Taylor Swift is the Greatest Rapper Alive”

  1. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    Hrmph. Taylor Swift is apparently drunk on power and has decided to pull her entire back catalog from Spotify:


    Notably, it remains available on Rdio and other streaming services. But none of the streaming services were carrying the latest album anyway.

    I dunno. I get that artists get a raw deal from streaming, but my instinct is that they should be negotiating for higher per-stream compensation rates rather than withdrawing from the largest portion of that marketplace.


    • Chris Morgan #

      Line up those Taylor Swift Pandora stations, folks! I actually wonder how that would sound, now that she’s been both country and pop. I mean, if one were to start a T. Swift Pandora station, and not manipulate results with the use of a thumbs up or a thumbs down, what kind of songs would be played? I may do this, as my greatest Pandora experiment since I created a station around Paul Simon’s Graceland to see how long it took for a Vampire Weekend song to play.

      But hey, by not being on Spotify, Swift is following in the footsteps as such luminaries as Silver Jews, so she’s in good company.


      • sheely OTI Staff #

        So wait, what was the result of the Graceland Vampire Weekend experiment?

        And do report back if you do the T. Swift Pandora experiment… I may also try it myself…


        • Chris Morgan #

          In short, it took longer than I expected. It mostly played Paul Simon stuff (solo and Simon and Garfunkel) and seemed really narrowcasted. Eventually, like, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa popped up, but it was a few hours in, I think.


  2. Chris Morgan #

    Here is the result of a brief Taylor Swift Pandora experiment. Or, as I like to call it, Pharmacy Music:

    Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
    Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You
    Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss
    The Band Perry – If I Die Young
    Taylor Swift – SuperStar
    OneRepublic- Counting Stars
    Carrie Underwood – Don’t Forget to Remember Me
    Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
    Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
    Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods
    Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved


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