Podcast Supplement: Popfixers #1, “Termination”

Here’s the audio version of Overthinking It Popfixers #1, released as a supplement to the OTI Podcast.

PopfixersWe’re releasing the first episode of Overthinking It Popfixers as supplement to the Overthinking It Podcast! In this episode, Ben Adams, Matt Belinkie, and Mark Lee propose and debate their solutions to the Terminator invasion of Los Angeles, hosted by Pete Fenzel.

Enjoy the show! And to watch Overthinking It Popfixers live or save them for later, follow our Google+ page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


→ Download Popfixers #1 (MP3)

One Comment on “Podcast Supplement: Popfixers #1, “Termination””

  1. arthur #

    Great show! How did you decide on what properties were worthy of ____ solution to a ____ problem?

    The plan should be called R.O.B.O.T.

    Research (especially after the first incident)
    Observe (get proof it’s a robot)
    Bait (with John Connor)
    Overcome (by tricking it into a pit)


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