Hate the “Avatar” Font? It Could Be Worse.

He could have used Comic Sans.

[Yes, we are technically on hiatus. But here was a breaking story that couldn’t wait to be overthought. —Ed.]

Font snobs around the world recoiled in horror upon seeing the font “Papyrus” used in the movie posters for James Cameron’s Avatar.

But that wasn’t the end of the horror for the Font Snobs: James Cameron wasn’t content with using Papyrus in the movie poster; he went as far as to use it as the font for all of the subtitles in the movie!

Now, I sympathize with these Font Snobs. It’s a hokey font. But all I have to say is, James Cameron’s taste in fonts could be worse. Imagine if this were the poster…

And imagine if this is how the subtitles looked:

So stop complaining about the font. Papyrus is bad, but it ain’t no Comic Sans.