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    So, the movie’s coming out soon, so let’s OT the books to prepare!

    February 17, 2012 at 1:26 am #23844

    Oops, I apologize if that first post seemed spammy – I guess I’m not totally familiar with how to create a thread yet.

    So, here’s what I meant for the first post to say:

    Spoilers for the first book of the series to follow.

    I finally bit the bullet and checked out The Hunger Games from my library in preparation for the movie to come out. I’m currently halfway through the third book, so I’ll save any thoughts on the series as a whole (and try to avoid getting too spoilery for anyone who clicked on this thread having only read the first book.) Here are my thoughts on the first book.

    – I was surprised by how not dark it was. Granted, the idea of a group of teenagers being forced to fight to the death is a disturbing one, but I felt that the character of Katniss was deliberately kept innocent of the whole affair. While she does kill other Tributes, all her kills are in self-defense or accidental. The closest she comes to a cold-blooded kill is when she shoots the Tribute who stabbed Rue.

    Now granted, YA books will be less graphic and less dark than adult novels, but in my mind, preventing Katniss from really making a hard decision regarding killing the others seemed to take the teeth out of the book. Given her resolution to win at all costs, I would have liked to see how Katniss would have responded if her alliance had been the last survivors and needed to turn on one another. They flirted with that a bit when she and Peeta decided to take the berries, but ultimately, I felt like the depiction of the Games itself was a bit of a cop-out.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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