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  • February 7, 2012 at 9:38 pm #23557

    Rambler The Full Harvey

    I only very recently discovered the site and the podcast, but I have long engaged in the action of overthinking and knew I had found a community I wanted to be part of as soon a I listened to an episode.

    In the last 45 days I’ve listened to over 100 episodes, mostly while engaging in various home repair projects.
    My ADHD method for working through the podcast has been in roughly this order… episodes 1-10, 181 backwards through 170, 182, 169-151, 183…. then working towards the middle from both ends; down from 150 and up from 11.

    I can’t recommend enough following a nonlinear path through the back catalog. Not only do you experience wierd phenomenon like listen to back to back Liam Niesen discussions (episodes 101 and 187) it also trivializes the bad and agrandizes the trivial.
    By which I mean that I completely failed to be shocked by the iPhone podcast, and that when I actually came across “Mint Millanos” it was like finding out that Luke’s father is really Kieser Soze.

    The only bad part is that I have an urgent desire to discuss topics raised by podcasts that have long since been gathering dust for everyone else. Maybe the forums will allow a few of those old topics to rise from the grave hungering for fresh brains to consume.

    I am impressed with the OTI past and exuberant for it’s future. Thanks and congratulations for all of the hard work that has made this possible.

    My background:
    – roughly “your age”
    – 15 years experience in computer support/administration
    – a writer at heart (and a consumer of pop culture to ease the pain of not writing as much as I would like)
    – a long time pc gamer and former WoW addict, now retired to casually playing battleground-type games
    – can do all of the voices from Warcraft 2 and the Yoda Sunscreen song, in character
    – I once dialed the White House and Kremlin in one night (using the numbers from the intro to the HGTG Trilogy)
    – Ironic pop-culture RockBand band name: Dr. Jones (“You very bad band Docta Jones!”

    To whomever reads this.. nice to meet you all

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