A Hopefully Unique Interview with V For Vendetta's David Lloyd

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  • December 8, 2012 at 9:02 am #27236

    Hello Overthinkers
    I don’t cross-promote my podcast much (too much. As often as I occasionally feel like. As frequently as my co-host would like) but I do think that the episode we put out this week is of peculiar interest.
    Basically, I met David Lloyd who was the principal artist on V For Vendetta and the idea of doing a podcast interview organically arose. We discuss from a vaguely psychological point of view comics industry vs. comics as art, the internet changing everything (inc. 4channic discourse), the use of the V mask, creativity and madness esp. Alan Moore, and how one keeps going as a creator. Just thought I’d highlight to those Overthinkers who aren’t also Psycomedians.

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