On May 21, Join the T-Party… the Mr. T Party!

On May 21st, join America in pitying fools.

Fools! Purveyors of Jibba Jabba! Listen up! We’re mad as Clubber Lang, and we’re not going to take it anymore!

That’s why, this May 21, we’re calling for a MR. T-PARTY, to celebrate the 58th birthday of the illustrious Laurence Tureaud, a.k.a. Mr. T!

He’s a man for whose work we are all grateful—a performer whose trademark meta-character tackles our culture’s central ironies and speaks to the better B.A. nature in all of us.

How can I join the MR. T-PARTY?

Watch a Mr. T movie, video or television show. Drop a quick note about it on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter (#mrtparty). Send the results to mrtparty at overthinking it dot com—we’ll post the best stuff on our site.

Get some friends together. Use our Facebook event or create your own. Mr. T is all about people and communities respecting and taking care of each other. Have your own MR. T-PARTY. Either get together and watch some of his work, or make some pro-T picket signs and hang out out in a public place. Take some pictures—and send those our way too!

Wear your gold chains, shave yourself a mowhawk, throw people rather than shoot them, drive a GMC custom van, fight Rocky, refuse to get on a plane, the possibilities are endless.

Spread the word. Like all social moments, the more the merrier. We all have our contributions to make. The MR. T-PARTY invites everyone, welcomes everyone. Except fools.

Above all, BE POSITIVE. Mr. T has done a lot of work to support communities, help kids, motivate people, and teach positive values, and to do it in a unique, B.A. way that gets people fired up all over the world.

There’s enough hating going in the world.

May 21, 2010. Cut the jibba jabba. Got that, fool?

Hey, Clubber, any predictions for your birthday?

Watch for more updates on the MR. T-PARTY here at Overthinking It!